Oh The Joy of Ownership

So today I made the Trip from Homebase (Hurst TX) to where we have

our RV stored at (Terrell TX) aprox. 58 mi or an hour drive. The nice thing about where I have it stored, 1. The cost - $59. a month 2. They also do RV repair on site.

Now most of the renovation that we have done to the inside, has been done at homebase. Painting and Removing some of the old stuff and putting new stuff in. It has worked out fine and has been convenient. Due to the space at our home in hurst and not to mention, the Motorhomes is 36' long, we had to move it.

Today was touch up paint day on the bathroom walls, collecting some materials that I left in the RV for canning Popa's Salsa and making sure that the work list that I had left with the shop was being done. Oh, and the most important issue - I have a propane

leak at the valve. Kind of hard to utilize the stove, generator and hot water heater without propane. When I arrived, all of the propane had leaked out of the tank but just a small amount. To repair the valve, the tank must be empty. I started the generator and turned both AC units on and let that run while I painted. Tank is empty and the valve can be replaced. I also discoverd that on the outside of the RV around the molding, I have gaps that are showing. Why do I bring this up? When it rains or even high humidity, water will seep in underneath and move into the walls from the bottom . Easy fix and should be inspected after every trip

Running a bead of calk or flex seal around the molding will eliminate that from happening

Why would this happen at all? With age and you have a moving, rocking, shifting house on wheels things will come loose and outside molding and rubber will deteriorate. Your preventative maintenance will take care of that.

I also installed new headlights and 12 rock lights on the RV today. Headlights are HID with halos and the rock lights will just make it look pretty at night when parked.

I would say, that today was a very successful trip out to Terrell as I worked on the motorhome to get her ready for our trip coming up in September - October.

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