Only 26 Letters...

Something that we all learned in our childhood, that there are 26 letters in the Alphabet. Only 26 letters, but put those letters together in different combinations and they make thousands and thousands of words. We are definitely using a means to our business as YouTubers but what have we lost by setting our pen or in this case, (our keyboard) down. The written word is so expressive and imaginative! I can remember reading books and imagining what the character looked like by the description in the book or even putting myself into the story. Words that would transform us into a different time or place.

Words are a comfort and a hindrances they can bring joy or sadness. Twenty six letters can make or break someone’s life, hopes and dreams or build them up to greatness.

I hope when you follow us on our Adventures, that the way that I use those twenty six letters brings you entertainment and joy! As I continue to write in our blog, that my use of those letters will open the door to my family’s life and adventures. That I can share the Good news of Jesus in an understanding that you will take into your heart and let the Holy Spirit

speak to you.

Twenty Six little letters - How will you use them?

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