Questions and Decisions ???

I would like for you to go to that imaginary world in your mind... now if you are already a full time RVer, this may bring back good and bad memories, if you are thinking about going full time, this good help you with that decision.

I want you to imagine that you have made a decision in your life to sell your sticks and bricks, sold or given away all the stuff in your place of dwelling. Downsized your life to fit in a 32' home on wheels. The creature commforts are there in that place, TV, internet (sometimes), running water, bathroom... you get the picture. The ability to completely change your lifestyle. Would you do it??? That is what this blog is about. This is just the start, I could never put all of this planning and preparation into just one blog. For the next three weeks our weekly blog will be going over what all is included in making the jump from a sticks and bricks to full time RV life. If you are thinking about doing it or just want to follow along on our Adventure. I invite you to do just that! We will go over the Planning stage, the moving stage and what's included, How do you make money on the road, to what's next... I hope you will enjoy these series of Blogs.

Questions on the mind
Questions and Decisions

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