Solo Stove Bonfire 🔥 Fire Pit/Thumbs Up 👍 Thumbs Down 👎

Solo Stove gave us the opportunity to test and review their Bonfire Fire Pit.

When the fire pit arrived we unboxed to reveal a well packed item from the manufacture. Our first PRO - It is very pretty! The Bonfire is made with 304 stainless steel. Pretty, does not make a good fire pit! You will also notice a very nice carry bag and storage. We also ordered the base ring, which you must purchase separately. The Base ring will allow you to place the fire pit on a wood deck or on grass without the worry of scaring your deck or fire potential on grass. This was a CON for us but when we contacted Solo, they mentioned that many Customers preferred this as they do many DIY for a base.

After setting up for our first test - we used a fire starter and for wood, we used compressed logs. Solo, recommends using any hard wood for best results. I must say, PRO - the easiest fire pit that I have ever had to light and get a fire going. Solo attributes this to it's "Signature 360° Airflow Design™ does something you’ve never seen before in a fire pit." I will agree with that statement from Solo! The other PRO - that I wanted to see, was to test their reduced smoke design. Every fire pit that I have had and used, I am moving my chair to play the smoke chase game. With the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit, I did not have to do this! When starting the fire pit, you are going to get smoke but after your fire pit gets going, the smoke is minimal to none. This is also due to the design of the fire pit and the fire ring on the top of the fire pit. CON - The fire ring may warp, (our's did) Solo was contacted and they replaced immediately! So a CON turned to a PRO on the fire ring and Customer Service from Solo. Did I mention PRO - If Bonfire isn’t the best fire pit ever, send it back and they will send you a FREE prepaid return label. Also it is backed by their lifetime warranty.

The final recommendation on this product, is a BIG Thumbs Up 👍 !!!

If you are interested in this product please go to The Solo Stove WebSite - read the reviews on the site and get your stove today and make up your own mind - You have nothing to lose with Solo's Guarantee! You can also see our video on YouTube.

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